I am a homeschooling mom, educator and life-long learner who believes anyone can homeschool with the right support.

My story

A career in education

I began my career as a teacher with Teach for America because I believe strongly in educational equity. I received my Masters in Education and then decided to pursue an Ed.S in Reading and Literacy because I learned very quickly that teachers are not taught HOW to teach reading! I worked in Title One schools and many of my students did not speak English. I was passionate about my job and humbled to be recognized as one of the top 5% of teachers in DCPS. 

Searching for an educational ideal

When I had my own children I began the search for the ideal school. However I quickly realized that there is no ideal school. My daughter was bullied in her private preschool and I was told by her teacher that she was lazy.

Diving into homeschooling

Even with degrees in education, a teaching license  and a number of teaching accolades under my belt, I doubted my ability to teach my children. So I immersed myself into the homeschooling community and made friends with veteran homeschooling moms. This gave me the confidence I needed! 

This also taught me that we need a village!

Never stop learning

That is why I started this podcast. The best way to improve your homeschooling practice is to never stop learning! 

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